My Wife’s Panties

Lucky for me, my wife doesn’t always pick up her laundry right away. We frequently have some dirty clothes on the floor in the bathroom or in our room, and that often include’s my wife’s panties, thongs, and booty shorts. I also do a lot of the laundry in our house (its just me and my wife – no kids) and so I often load her panties in the washer/dryer and sort them out after washing.

I’m really not that big into panties, it’s really pussy I love, but sometimes just seeing my wife’s panties is all I need to get a raging boner.

On this website I’ll share pictures of my wife’s panties and some pictures of her wearing nothing but her panties. I don’t think you will be getting any full nudes here, but maybe one or two will make it along.

Please send me your wife’s or girlfriend’s panties and I’ll share those in posts of their own. You can send me her panties in her drawer, in the laundry, after being worn, wet with her pussy juices, creamed, or even still on her. But please, just women and panties, nothing else.